Monday 27 March, 7amAST - Small craft precaution 710,722;   Abbreviated Marine Forecast;   No watches, warnings, or advisories at time of posting.   For latest, please check NWS SJU, for BVI, DDM,   BVI Beach Flags.

Current conditions at 7am: surface map,   North Atlantic map,   satellite,   vis,   PW product,   local radar ,   seas,   marine model.

Kudos to TAFB for dead-on forecast of low development north of Hispaniola. Gale force winds in that immediate area, while locally, looks like very light winds for another BVI Spring Regatta, testing true skill of sailors! Secondary swell from the low as it moves NE, likely enhanced by stronger low further north, will reach islands beginning in about 3 days in brief very long-period, seen in marine model (above).

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