Thursday 27 July, 2017 - Abbreviated Marine Forecast;   No watches, warnings, or advisories at time of posting.   For latest, please check NWS SJU, for BVI, DDM,   BVI Beach Flags.

Current conditions at 7am: surface map,   Tropical Atlantic map,   satellite,   vis,   PW product,   SAL,   local radar ,   seas,   Data for marine model latest is July 23, "backup" location latest is July 5. Sorry, no marine model until data is updated.

Some may wonder why no "invest" links on cyclone section of weathercarib site. There has been no model fix released by NHC, which is what automatically generates all the products which allow you to watch an area. When they release them, I'll put up invest 97L. That said, if they do it later today or tonight, it won't be up until tomorrow.

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